Senin, Februari 07, 2005

I'm Out of the Blue

I'm out of the blue today. My mom still in hospital as she's still in cancer theraphy. it's been 2 months!! I understand why she looks so upset recently. 2 months is not a short time to spend the days at the hospital. She wanted to go home asap. she told about it over and over again, and we could do nothing as we don't want to take any risk. Let the doctor decide, and we'll obey it as we want the best thing happen to my mom. We also miss you, mom!

Today, my brother also went to the hospital. there's a tumor on his back and need surgery asap. at 8.00 tonight, he'll get an operation for it. we'll be with you, Bro! and i believe God will also be with you. Be strong, and pray the surgery will run so well.

God, I believe all these happen as You love us so much.

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