Senin, April 18, 2005

My Mom

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Guys, let me introduce you to this lady. She's my mom. After suffering for almost 9 months of cancer, she lost her strength and gave up. She passed away Tuesday, 14 April 2005, 18.15 p.m.

I just want you all know that she's a tough woman. resting in bed while suffering in pain in every minute for 9 months was not an easy thing. But she passed those whole times with a brave heart while hoping and motivating herself for a quick recovery.

I remembered a year ago when she didn't tell anybody what the pain she felt. She came to the doctor by herself. doctor to doctor she visited, but nothing improvement she got, until the pain got worse and she couldn't keep it by herself for longer. Honestly, we regretted we brought her late to the hospital (Boromeus & RSHS). Doctor said it's too hard to be cured.

Now, she has rested in peace.
I'll miss you in every single step, mom! always.

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