Kamis, Agustus 25, 2005

Final Decision

Final Decision has made : I'm not going! It's hurt though, but I'm so glad I could make a wise decision. Happiness for everyone!! I choose My lil' brother (Uge) to replace my position with some reasons :
1. He hasn't been to Bali
2. He hasn't been flying
3. He loves music better than I do
4. He's much younger so he could get much soul of this moments
Well, I'm happy for what I've done so far. win-win solutions has been made. Good luck for my lil' Bro, enjoy Bali dan have some great fun there!!!

Don't forget to take pictures as much as you can (remember, it's only 128 mb), and I'll put some picts on my blog later.

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wahhhhh.... koq dimasukin spam sih?

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