Sabtu, Agustus 27, 2005

Re-scheduled for a Trip

25th August,
2:00am Sending an email to jatismobile telling that I couldn't go for the Trip, and asked if my brother could replace my position. It's really a hard night.

10:00am Ms. Maya called me that it's possible someone replaced me as long as it could meet some requirements : Kartu Keluarga, KTP, Surat Kuasa. Faxed to Jatis immediatelly!

14.00pm The documents needed had been sent successfully. Great!!

16:30pm Ms. Maya called again, wondering if the ticket had arrived or not. the answer was : there's no letter at all at home! I called TIKI & JNE asking there's a package/document for me. They said NO! waduuuhhhhhhhhhh ........

23:00pm Sending an email to Jatis reporting there's no clue bout the ticket.

26th August,
8:00am Called TIKI for another hope. Still nope as the answer.

10:00am My sister called there's a letter at home. Sip, it could be the ticket. Rushing to get it, opened it, and GOTCHA ... IT'S REALLY THE TICKET!!

12:00am Had lunch with Uge, my bro, giving the ticket while briefing him for things he hadn't known yet. bout the whole things that would happen along the way to Bali. then Booked the bus ticket at SUKA.

15:00pm Ms. Indri from Jatis called. bout the ticket of course. and I could feel she could breathe again after I told her that I'd received the ticket.

23:00pm Uge on the way to Jakarta.

27th August,
11:50am He flew to Bali with Star Air, and arrived safely in Ngurah Rai airport 2hr later. The last report, Uge was in Kuta beach now and enjoying the scenery. Well, enjoy Bali Bro!!

Thanks to Jatismobile (Maya & Indri) for helping me re-scheduling the trip, and the opportunity my brother replacing my place. and of course & Telkomsel for the Quiz.

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