Senin, September 19, 2005

Begadang = Duit

Finally, it was paid!! tangan pegel, mata meler, lidah pait (ngebul terusssssssss) terbayar sudah. I won the voting! Hmmm .. jadinya emang banyak2an klik, no matter the pict deserve to vote or not. :P Anyway, that's the rule, and I played still on the trail of the rules.
Thanks to all who has voted me : Uge, Devi (you asked for too much bro! :P), Abith, Oesoep835, Anna, MAW, and the rest I didn't know. Thanks a bunch.

Image of

Who needs my vote?? let me know, and I'll help. itungannya belakangan! hehehehehe

1 komentar:

udah terima hadiahnya?
HARRI GINNI masih pake wesel???

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